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A-1 Cement, Inc.

"Superior cement work since 1989"



Here's some information to cement your decision to choose A-1.

Cement work has been the Drobot family business for nearly 50 years. A-1 Cement, Inc. is owned and operated by Gary Drobot who got his experience working along side his father, Richard Drobot, at Dick's Cement. In 1989, Gary opened his own business A-1 Cement.   In the early years, A-1 Cement, Inc. did mostly commercial business working with Clafton and Keating General Contractors installing cement for McDonald's renovations.  The high quality work done on those jobs led to complete flat work installations for Arby's, Taco Bell, and White Castle restaurants.


A-1 Cement, Inc. recommends a stone base instead of  sand. Your cement is only as good as its base. Stone will not wash out and is better for underground drainage.   A-1 also uses a six man crew.  Many cement contractors use a three or four man crew.  Having six men on an installation allows us to use less water.  Water weakens cement and contributes to spalling (chipping or cracking).


Gary is the salesman, estimator, and is a part of the crew on every job.  Being on the crew enables him to ensure that the work is being done as the customer requested.


Gary's brother Dave has worked alongside him for the past 14 years continuing the practice of excellent cement installation by the Drobot family.




A-1 Cement, Inc.            28463 Lake Park West,  Farmington Hills, MI 48331         (248) 722-1949