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Cement 101: Ensuring your job is done right

How can I tell if a contractor uses a quality product?


The best way to tell if a cement contractor uses a quality product is to look at their work.  Ask for references from former customers and go see their work. At A-1 we are happy to provide you with references so you can see our work for yourself.


How long should cement last?


 A properly installed job should last 25-30 years minimum.  At A-1 Cement, Inc. we always give referrals from jobs done 5 - 10 years ago so you can see how our work holds up over time.



What makes cement crack and flake?


Cement will crack or flake if there is too much water in the mix or if it is not sealed right away.  At A-1 Cement, Inc. we use a six man crew on every driveway to ensure a high quality, long lasting job and we seal every job the day it is installed to the manufacturers specifications.



Does cement need to be sealed?


Cement always needs to be sealed the same day it is poured.  Sealing cement protects it from drying too fast and aids in the curing process.  Sealing cement also adds protection from de-icing agents and salt.  A-1 Cement, Inc. only uses a cure and seal product that is recommended by the concrete manufacturer that we buy our cement from to ensure it will work properly with their mix.


What kind of base will you use under the cement?


A-1 Cement, Inc. recommends properly compacted crushed concrete or stone base for their jobs.  Stone will not wash out and is better for underground drainage.



How can I ensure the job will be completed to my specifications?


When you use A-1 Cement, Inc. for your cement work Gary is the salesman, estimator, and is a part of the crew on every job.  Being on the crew enables him to ensure that the work is being done as the customer requested.





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